Group photo opp

Padded Room Needed

Especially with a particularly long, cold winter, finding ways to expend toddler energy seemed a nearly endless endeavor. A temporary solution was to gather a few buddies and go wild in a soft playroom for an hour. Nap time was a success afterwards!

Wondering what the heck are these

It’s A Jungle Out There!

A highlight of our trip to Florida was the Sarasota Jungle Gardens. It was more gardens than jungle, but still a lot of fun. The highlight by far was the flamingos, where we got up close and personal. Here’s what we encountered inside…

Peace at the beach

Venice Here in the USA

With temperatures consistently in the 30s or colder, C had had enough. So, with a little prayer beforehand, I headed alone with him down to Venice, Florida to visit family spending the week.

Fun times!

Hoya Kid Mania!

Always a treat, Colin’s Hoya buddies spent the weekend to break up the winter blues. It was true chaos with five little ones, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Here are some highlights of the cuties…

Enjoying the waves - even if it wasn't the beach

84 Degrees in February

The family had grand plans of a fantastic – albeit short – cruise from Southern Florida to the Bahamas over President’s Day weekend. But, Winter Storm Pax had other plans, grounding our incoming plane and cancelling our flight (with no option to reschedule that day, or even the next). Determined to feel some of the …

Look up there!

De Plane De Plane!

Enjoying a rare respite from the bitter cold, we headed to Gravelly Point Park after dropping off Nonna at the airport following a fun weekend together. It was C’s first time, and he loved every minute. Here are a few snapshots of his adventures with the airplanes.

More bun than burger at Elevation

Carb addict!

While C gets his fair share of fruits and (hidden) veggies, his true food love is carbs. We’re not sure whether to be proud, as he takes after mom and dad in that regard, or fearful of an overly bread-and-pasta-laden future ahead!

All grown up in his big-boy seat

Movin’ On Up

Colin moved up from the infant to toddler room at daycare at the beginning of the year, and so far it’s been a great transition as he’s loved hanging with the “older” kids. He’s on a set schedule with the rest of the group, and participating in a whole bunch of activities – from painting …

We're here!

Hitting the Tropics at Home

During the coldest day of the season (to date), we hit the tropics by visiting the US Botanical Gardens. It was Colin’s first time out and about near the Capitol. We took advantage of the last day of the gardens’ seasonal holiday displays, which included a giant rain set. It was a nice respite from …